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20 KOTH Arena Bundle

20 KOTH Arena Bundle

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This bundle includes 20 KOTH Arenas from Orbit Builds compiled into one large bundle. Receive a discount when you purchase all 20 KOTH Arenas at once!


100x100 each


Java: 1.8+

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Java: .schematic

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  • This bundle of 20 KOTH arenas provide the variety a Minecraft server needs. Each KOTH is unique to provide new features for your Minecraft server experience. These king of the hill arenas are perfect for Factions Minecraft servers, HCF Minecraft servers, PvP Minecraft servers, and more! The KOTH themes include Desert Village, Jungle Temple, Volcanic Nether, Underwater, Taiga Forest, Construction Site, and an Oriental Snowy Courtyard!

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    Having high quality Minecraft builds can help your server provide a unique experience to players!

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